Why open water swimming

Swimming for many is a lifestyle whether that is for fitness, an escape to disconnect from the world, to socialise, or simply a place and time to destress, swimming means so much to so many people.

Open water swimming has been a growing sport for many years but for many came to be forefront during Covid-19 Pandemic. The joys of open water swimming I believe come from open water swimming being a very different and unique sport. For some is it races and that competitive fix but so many it is the social side and the many benefits of swimming outside when the sunrise hits the water or that well-earnt beer or cake on the weekend.

My aim and indeed my services will gently guide you into the world of open water swimming, young or old, new or experienced if you are looking to give open water swimming a try I will give you the tools to succeed. I work with the new, transitioning from the pool, triathletes to the experienced swimmers entering mass start swim events and mentoring those crazy enough for the biggest tests around in the open water sport.