Open water swim coach primary based in Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire.

A little about me!

Hello! I’m Ben Brophy, a self-confessed lover of our great sport that is open water swimming. I entered the world of open water swimming back in 2010 with the goal to swim across the English Channel for charity, starting a ground zero. Self-trained and coached in 2013 I successfully complete my solo swim in 14 hours and 52 minutes.

Since then I have kept the bug and gone on to swim many other iconic events and adventures. If you are interested in finding out more about English Channel Swim and other personal adventures, visit to find out more!

Fast forward a number of years I haven’t stopped open water swimming whether that be for fitness, socialise, destress and compete in mass start events. There are few sports that benefit your well-being overall such as open water swimming.

My coaching style is to listen and understand what you want but also need. Technique no matter at what level new or advanced is clearly important and there are thousands of drills I will blend these into your tailored session. Providing the tools and methods to make sure you are comfortable in the water and equipped to feel relaxed and confident at your level, be that novice or advanced swimmer.

Based primary in Bedfordshire next to Milton Keynes I am normally found at either of the two lakes mentioned below. On occasion, I do venture further afield namely the London Docks and even Dover for seas-based swimming.

Lakes I currently train in or coach in privately:


  • Qualified open water coach by STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coaching Qualification
  • Experienced seasoned open water swimmer
  • Experienced cold water swimmer all year round
  • Experienced in mass start open water races & races
  • Self-trained solo English Channel swimmer