1 hour 1 to 1 open water coaching session at £30 plus venue entry

A 1-to-1 coaching session is simply a bespoke and progressional session structure. Before our session, we would have a chat to get an idea of your level and areas to focus on in order to tailor a coaching plan fitting for the initial session.

As a part of the session plan, we will break down your open water swim technique into manageable units. You could be a complete newbie or seasoned swimmer but just finding certain aspects difficult. This is your swim and together your swim goals can be reached.

I’ll show you where to sign in at reception, how to enter the water, acclimatise and make sure you feel comfortable swimming in a wetsuit depending on your experience.

2 to 1 coaching

Swiming with others has so many benefits from your own safety, motivation and purely from a social aspect, so I do offer a £50ph rate for two swimmers (£25 each). By swimming with others you are more likely to stick to it and have a swim buddy to venture out into the swimming seasons and have a well-earnt tea or beer afterwards!

3 to 1 coaching

They say three is the magic number and this applies to coaching also with a further discount available at £60ph (£20 each!). I do teach larger individual sessions but you have to understand the level of feedback and individual observations I can do in larger groups above 3 becomes similar to a squad session.